Wonder Woman, Pooh Bear & Tinkerbell represent the Biggest Failings of the UN. Right?
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Wonder Woman, Pooh Bear & Tinkerbell represent the Biggest Failings of the UN. Right?

The appointment of Wonder Woman as the UN ambassador for female empowerment is terrifying. It’s high time we held the UN to account for its choice of fictional honorary ambassadors. Conduct a little analysis and it’s not hard to see that their other appointments to these esteemed positions are equally worthy of outcry.

Winnie the Pooh – Ambassador for Friendship

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Sure, we all thought of Pooh bear as the ideal childhood friend but look closer, and you realise that he was nothing more than a manipulative honey addict. This is a bear who cared far more about food than any of his ‘friends’. All the guy ever did was show up unannounced to other animals’ houses. Should his hosts have some honey lying around by chance, there would be no getting rid of him. At other times, this mental bear was dragging poor piglet to all corners of the Hundred Acre Wood in search of a bee hive. We like to hide from it, but Pooh bear was really an addict who used his friends for honey. So what sort of example is the UN setting for the next generation?

Red from Angry Birds – Ambassador for Happiness

Where do I even start with this one? Red is the angriest bird ever! He is cynical and can’t seem to stop complaining. He’s impatient with everyone, even the elderly bird who has to walk slowly with her walking frame, not to mention that he refuses hugs from the free hugs bird. How can he spread happiness if he’s so unhappy himself?

Tinker Bell – Ambassador for Green & Climate Change

This one is just pure irony. I mean if there’s anyone you shouldn’t be bringing to climate change negotiations, it’s Tinker Bell. This is someone who can go from one extreme to the next in a flash. One minute she seems helpful and the next she’s like your crazy ex. How could she possibly understand the subtlety involved in diplomacy, when she’s incapable of having more than one emotion at a time? Not only was she wildly jealous of Wendy, but also very stubborn. Climate change needs compromise, so why did the UN pick her?

Okay sure, the UN does have other problems.

1. A study found that 9 in 10 senior roles at the UN went to men.

2. The institution is also hugely inefficient. It takes over 200 days on average to hire someone, and the bureaucracy can often delay action at critical moments.

3. The UN severely lacks accountability, so there’s not much of a push to explain things like the accusations of child sexual assault its peacekeepers faced in Congo, Haiti, Sudan, and Liberia.

4. And there was also one time when UN peacekeepers caused a cholera outbreak, which killed over 8,000 people in Haiti because they couldn’t be bothered to dispose of their rubbish properly.

Of course, these things are problems, but you guys are missing the point – the real issue is with Wonder Woman, Pooh bear, and Tinker Bell. Who is choosing them? Who is accountable? Makes me furious!

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October 24, 2016

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