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The Social Jungle

The Social Jungle is for the curious ones.

For those who can’t help but ask questions.

For those who think 24hr breaking news headlines just don’t cut it.

For those who want to take a closer look at society.

Our content brings together insights from social science and real life stories to understand what makes society tick. We bring you informative, thought provoking and entertaining coverage of social issues.

This is a space for young people, who want to make an impact on society, to discuss the social world and the forces that drive it.

From explainer articles, interviews and opinion pieces to analysis and videos you can find it here at The Social Jungle. 

With readers and authors from over 55 countries including students, young professionals and academics, join the conversation or become a contributor.

Who are we?

Society is a weird and interesting place. We bring you bring you content about its quirks, all grounded in social science.  With fellow readers from over 55 countries, including students, young professionals and academics join in the convo today.